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An escort, especially one with wealthy or upper-class clients.

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Code of Conduct

At Class Courtesan, we believe in mutual respect. It’s important that all our clients treat our courtesan with dignity and respect, just as we will do with you. If you do that, you’re probably naturally going to follow this code of conduct anyway, however here it is…


It is essential to book via phone or the enquiry form on our website. When you book, you will be required to give details of where you’re staying, what the hotel room phone number is, and your real, full, name. Note that we will NEVER share your information with anyone. Our phone booking services is open from 10am until 6pm every day. The latest time that any booking can begin is 10pm and we require at least two hours’ notice before any booking starts.


Unexpected changes to arrangements can be unavoidable, however please provide as much notice of a cancellation as possible. If the booking is cancelled within 12 hours of it being due to commence,  please be prepared to offer a token payment to your Courtesan via bank transfer.


We are a classy agency and do not engage in any activities such as BDSM, dressing up, or anything else which may be considered degrading to EITHER party. If you do have any specific requests, please discuss them with Flic at the time of booking.


Your courtesan will be freshly washed, looking and smelling divine. We expect that you offer the same courtesy to your date. 


Your courtesan is your companion throughout your booking. This means she is your equal. Make sure you treat her this way, else she’ll be more inclined to hold back and less inclined to give you the night of your life.


As a gentleman, you’ll consider your courtesan’s safety to be as important as your enjoyment. As such, we ask you to never put her in danger, to walk her to her vehicle after your date, and to let her sleep if you’ve booked an overnight appointment! She needs to get home safely too and being up all night may compromise that. If your courtesan feels her safety is on the line, she will leave.

Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs are an absolute no. If you’ve taken drugs, game over. Alcohol can be consumed in moderation only, because there’s no point in being intoxicated and putting your entire booking at risk. Refer to the point above about safety.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read the Code of Conduct. Click here to call and book (10am-6pm) or use our contact form

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